24 May 2013

Like-Minded Gardening Age?

I am not a spring chicken, but I'm also not quite an old (old) hen, just yet.  Not to say I don't appreciate those old hens, but even at my age, I know exactly one  (1)  person who gardens (vegetable/flower).  She is my age.   I've gardened since I bought my first home early in my twenties.  I was always the odd duck out with that activity.  I'm pushing twice that age (oh heck, plus a few more years) and I'm still the only one.

There are those who do some landscaping, throw a colour pot out here and there, but nobody really gardens.  I have worked in technology for eons, so it is nice to go to the old standby, the Internet, and be able to take a peek at other folks gardens.  I know I am not alone and I apparently just don't know people who garden.  I imagine I will have to live with that and be content, seeking some camaraderie in like-minded friends to be made, well--across the country and globe.

I find it interesting with the recent years' economy in the US that there are many younger people getting into gardening.  Fire escapes, patios, a single raised bed box in a corner of a yard.  I'm seeing that online.  I think it's fabulous. 

I can't attribute the following to any one person as I've seen it quoted and heard it numerous times from different individuals, but if a child grows it, they will eat it. I have seen that to be true.  Even if they don't "like" something, they will try and try again, especially when they've helped grow it or grown it themselves.  Eventually, some vegetable will be pleasing to their palate, and then it's on!

True dat.

So why aren't there more vegetable gardeners! Especially parent gardeners. One simple pot can go a long ways for a child's imagination and future healthy eating habits.

But back on topic with a curious question. , ,  I realize the collective "we" of the Internet is inclusive both the very young to the very old, and everyone in between.  So what is the average age of gardeners (all kinds) in your circle?

Yes, that is a beet.  I have picked so many acres of beets over those young years that I really don't care for them, but find many other vegetables more than sufficiently palatable. ;)

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  1. The lovely thing is with blogging that we are connected with like-minded people across the globe, as you say. I love it that I can read about and see photos of diverse gardens from Finland to malaysia, Japan to the USA. fantastic ...


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